Wednesday, November 10, 2010

what I learn from Vedanta

The three basic texts of Vedanta are the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita and the Brahma Sutra. Together they are referred to as the Prasthana-traya, triple canon of Vedanta.

I am noting Vedanta into 4 theorems (as per my understanding from scriptures):

1. Theory of transmigration : Punarjanma (death-birth-death-birth going on for every individual. This is a endless loop now. Like whatever we study, earn in this birth does not carry for next birth. We have to start A-B-C-D nursery again in next birth.)

2. Theory of Karma: Good action causes good result and bad action bad result. People are suffering due to their past action(this life or past lives). Nobody to blame. So we should be careful now onwards about doing good deeds.

3. Theory of human existence: Human being has one body, then mind, then soul(consciousness or Atman). Now consciousness can exist without body and mind. Staying with only consciousness is called liberation. Staying within body is called bondage. So it purely a choice for us.

4. Theory of God: Then what does god do? He is only witness or seer of this world (world itself created by him). Grants the result/boon of your action/Tapas. Reciprocate the devotion/love. Not attached to anything and anybody.