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God Incarnation and Ordinary Guru - a contrast

God Incarnation and Ordinary Guru
(By Muktipada Behera)

Even though Vedanta talks of “All are Brahman”, there is a clear difference between God incarnation and ordinary Human Guru. Here we will outline few differences.

1. There is no clear way of knowing who God incarnation is or not. Only another enlightened one can say through his divine vision that somebody is a God incarnation. We need to look for some reference from another enlightened person or accept it after having proper clue through own Sadhana.

2. Most of the time the person reveals himself God incarnation while alive to their close disciples. Like Christ, Krishna did.  Public could know it after they are dead. For example only ten Rishis knew that Rama was an incarnation.

3. However based on qualities seen by earlier incarnation, we have some standards to judge an Avatar. For example God incarnation demonstrates the morals or spiritual values to its highest extreme which normal human cannot achieve. Krishna dancing with sixteen thousands Gopis, lifting mountain on little finger, Chaitanya dev was in strict following of monk’s rule, Sri Ramakrishna keeping Brahmacharya while sleeping with his wife, Buddha’s compassion as highest example, Jesus ready to be crucified alive etc. Other than this normally every organization tends to declare their guru as God incarnation out of reverence.

4. General Guru descents on earth through their past Prarabdha Karma. But incarnation descents to earth due to “Samasti Prarabdha – cumulative Karma” of whole society at that time.

5. Incarnation has two main purposes – (a) Rejuvenation of spirituality, and (2) Destruction of spiritual obstacles. Ordinary Guru is not capable to fulfill this high cosmic demand.

6. God Incarnation demonstrates the moral and spiritual paths relevant to current society. They can change the thought wave of society. And then Smritis and other teachers tend to follow that path for reformation. Without God incarnation, ordinary Guru does not have enough power to change the cosmic thought wave.

7. God incarnation is of Saguna Brahman – Vishnu. And those incarnations manifest different power of different qualities or Kala based on social need. For example Krishna was with sixteen Kala, Rama was with twelve kala.

8. General Guru transmits spiritual power through Mantra or teachings. Avatar transmits energy though touch or mere wish. The person can be uplifted immediately and get divine vision. Like Arjuna got from Krishna, Vivekananda got from Sri ramakrishna, chaitanya did same for Nityananda.

9. God Incarnation has a power to liberate other humans out of grace. They are like a big ship that can carry many others out of the realm of Maya.

10. General Guru is a one man show. But whenever God descends to earth, He comes with a team of enlightened teachers. Like Buddha, Chaitanya, Ramakrishna etc came with 10-20 teachers with Him, all-powerful to uplift others.

11. God incarnation has ‘oneness’ from birth. They are aware of their divine nature from childhood. They don't need to practice any sadhana to get it because they are already liberated and came here to help others.

12. The preaching done by God incarnation will continue forever even after his death. He will be more popular and get more followers as time goes. But normal Guru will be popular while He is alive. After his death people will forget him and tend to get fewer followers slowly. Like Buddha, Chaitanya are still popular.

13. Sometimes there are scriptural proof and documented incarnations. We can name below as accepted by many: (1) Rama (2) Krishna (3) Buddha (4) Christ (5) Chaitanya (6) Ramakrishna etc. They had enough power to change the world and will be followed eternally. 

14. It is accepted by scriptures whenever a God incarnation manifests, a new divine loka/realm is created from divine to accommodate their devotees. Those are called Bhava-loka. Devotees of same Bhava [ecstasy] settle eternally there after death. For example Goloka, Ramakrishna Loka etc.

And many more differences are there. Generally God incarnation is compared with a huge ship carrying thousands seekers and ordinary guru is compared with a small boat which can accommodate only one.

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